A Lady’s Place



A Lady’s Place by Mary Jo Gohlke is a look at the rich history of the Philomatheon Club and the first women of Stockton who came here in the mid 1800s when Stockton was a jewel in the crown of California and a major transportation hub along the Delta. A Lady’s Place introduces us to the women who were hosts to some of the most powerful political figures in California. The Philomathean Club members fostered cultural and intellectual gatherings to share their global experiences and provide a backdrop for the political and industrial arena during one of Stockton’s most expansive periods of growth. This group of women grew as the decades passed. They raised the funds necessary to hire designers and contractors to build the structure that stands today as part of historical Stockton. A Lady’s Place is an informative look at a part of Stockton’s rich history that is often overlooked and forgotten but serves as a poignant reminder of the role women played in that history.



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