Robert Reinarts is founder and coordinator of the Heritage Writers Community, an association of poets and writers of all skill levels. He has over 30 years experience in writing technical, business, and fiction material.

    His non-fiction publications include: Mathematical Basis and Design Concepts for Automatic Aircraft Vectoring, published by Land Air through ASTIA, Kill Probabilities for BOMARC Vectoring Against Chaff Clouds, published by System Development Corporation, and The Magical Staff Generator (a CAHF trade magazine publication).

    Recent fiction publications include: “Zionsville” by the San Francisco Writers Anthology and “The California Delta” by the Peat Duster Newsletter of the Sierra Club. Chapbooks include Reflections on Water and Spurs and Saddles. His fiction also includes Cardinal Knowledge, Charon’s Daughter, and Poems and Vignettes.

    He has twice been honored by the Stockton Arts Commission for his work.

    Reinarts has taught Systems Analysis at National University, Small Business Management at Bauder College, and Professional Ethics at the Academy of Professions.

    Reinarts was awarded the Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) by California State University at Sacramento. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lake Forest College in Illinois in Mathematics and studied in the graduate mathematics program for one year at University of Illinois Graduate School of Mathematics, Urbana. He continued his mathematics studies at UCLA, CSUC and Cambridge.

    He lives in Stockton with his wife and dog, and is active in community affairs as an ombudsman. He serves as County Commissioner for the San Joaquin Area on Aging and Community Action Board. He is a board member of the Marion Jacobs Literary Foundation, and a board member and officer of Tuleburg Press.