On Thursday Dec. 5, from 6-8 pm, Tuleburg Press will host the launch of Debra K. Johnson’s first children’s book There’s a Goose in My Tree. This event will be free to the public and held at The Write Place, 343 E. Main St. Stockton, CA 95202.

This is the 7th book that Tuleburg Press has published, and its first fully illustrated children’s book. It will be available for sale at $24.99 plus tax.

This is a picture book targeted at children 3-8 years old. The book is also directed at the adults who might be doing the reading – to let them see it is okay for their child or grandchild to take a different path. It is written in rhyme form and from the perspective of a young child. The book has been fully illustrated by Japanese college student Grace Teranishi whose family is native to Stockton.

Author Debra K. Johnson will read from the book and speak to the audience about her inspiration behind writing There’s a Goose in My Tree. The book is based on a true story that happened in Johnson’s back yard.

“Four years ago, in the Spring migration, a large noisy Canada goose came to rest in my huge Heritage Oak tree. It was such an amazing sight! To my delight, that goose (or another I suppose) has returned three times, last year bringing two companions.”

“This experience has given me such childlike joy, I decided I must tell the story. The story developed into much more than a story about a goose when I realized the depth of emotion I experienced when I accepted the challenge to ‘go out on a limb’ and invest in the life of a troubled teenager. I decided to make the story about the courage it took for that goose to break from the flock to try something risky and uncomfortable, and how someone’s life was enriched by that effort.”

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