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The children at Roosevelt Elementary School need our support. Help us expand Roosevelt’s library. Access to books and a good library are crucial for these students. In the most recent testing data available (2016-2017), well over half the students at Roosevelt read significantly below proficiency.  In addition, many Roosevelt students are still acquiring English (41.4%), and many more come from low-come families (86.3%).  Fortunately, these statistics are not a prophecy of failure. Research shows that students who begin school with a significant reading deficit can overcome it—if they have access to a rich array of engaging books. That is why we need your help.  

Please join us in helping these youngsters; donate by credit card. Your donations will be tax deductible.  Give these students the gift of reading.

Please contact Sam Hatch at shatch@deltacollege.edu if you have questions or you would like to donate new or gently used books or to help Roosevelt students in some other way. Thank you for helping youngster at Roosevelt.