Aimee has owned The Leatherworks for 40 years. The Leatherworks is a small local manufacturing and retail business which is based in Stockton and was run and operated by her late husband Philip Thacher for the first 25 years.

    Aimee took over the running of the business after her husband’s death, and with the help of the Internet she has grown the business so that their products are now shipped worldwide.

    Prior to taking over the daily functions of her business, Aimee worked for a local medical equipment company for 25 years and handled all of the accounting functions for the corporation. She was also a director for a small non-profit which helped people set and achieve personal goal. Aimee volunteered as treasurer for the Raymond College Alumni Association and was responsible for obtaining the 501( c)3 status for the Association.

    Originally from New York, Aimee attended Raymond College, a cluster college of UOP and has lived in the San Joaquin valley since graduating in 1974. Currently a resident of Lockeford, she enjoys reading and the quiet of her yard.