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    55 Words and Counting


    “There are two categories of 55-Word Writing Contest entrant: Dave Waldon and everybody else.” — Michael Fitzgerald, The Record columnist

    Stockton poet David Waldon never set out to be a writer,  but once he found his voice, the muse inspired thousands of poems on life, love, politics and the ticking clock in a dying man’s ear.

    He is the master of the 55-word poem.

  • A Lady's Place Cover

    A Lady’s Place


    A Lady’s Place by Mary Jo Gohlke is a look at the rich history of the Philomatheon Club and the first women of Stockton who came here in the mid 1800s when Stockton was a jewel in the crown of California and a major transportation hub along the Delta. A Lady’s Place introduces us to the women who were hosts to some of the most powerful political figures in California. The Philomathean Club members fostered cultural and intellectual gatherings to share their global experiences and provide a backdrop for the political and industrial arena during one of Stockton’s most expansive periods of growth. This group of women grew as the decades passed. They raised the funds necessary to hire designers and contractors to build the structure that stands today as part of historical Stockton. A Lady’s Place is an informative look at a part of Stockton’s rich history that is often overlooked and forgotten but serves as a poignant reminder of the role women played in that history.

    Doughboys of San Joaquin


    The Doughboys of San Joaquin honors the young men from Stockton and San Joaquin County who made the supreme sacrifice during World War 1. This book explores each of the names listed and tells their stories. In includes biographical information on each soldier and explains how each died in service to our country, whether it be killed in action or succumbing to the Spanish influenza.The book begins with our first “contingent” leaving Stockton by train supported by the local citizenry. It includes a short background of World War, and a battle history of the 91st Division that trained out of Camp Lewis, Washington.

    Lost and Found


    A collection of haiku on love, loss, and life.

    The Great Chinese New Year’s Race


    Heather B. Rule has taken old Chinese folklore and created four fun plays, so the children of today can enjoy […]

    There’s a Goose in My Tree


    There’s a Goose in My Tree is based upon an unusual, but true event that happened during the spring migration of Canada geese through California’s delta region. It became much more than a story about a courageous goose when the author accepted the challenge to “go out on a limb” and do something she never thought she could do.