Ways to Give to Tuleburg Press & The Write Place

We are a collective group staffed by creative individuals who have ties throughout the area to visual and performing arts, literature and art. Our combined experience makes us uniquely fit to help you build your work. As an independent publishing company working to mentor and support writers in San Joaquin County we rely on support from our community to do the work we do.

Make a Monetary Donation

Tuleburg Press is funded by the generous donations by members of our community and local charitable organizations. You can make a difference in helping our literacy efforts in the community through a one-time or continuing donation to our non-profit. Money raised goes toward paying our center staff, sustaining offered programs, and creating new workshops.

Donate Your Old Vehicle

To donate a vehicle and help support Tuleburg Press or The Write Place visit or call (800) 484-4125. Our non-profit accepts vehicle donation in coordination with Interactiv Remarketing.

Attend Fully Booked

Join us for our annual celebration of literacy and the arts at Fully Booked. The event typically runs the last Friday in September and includes retrospectives of all the work we’ve done and honoring of our local literary heroes.