What is a Zine? (pronounced zeen),
Zines are Do-it-Yourself books that come in all types, sizes, and can be about anything or everything. Here’s some topic ideas for your zine: photos of your favorite people, your own poetry, book of doodles, documenting local music scenes, your favorite places, a story you made and so many other opportunities!

Come to the Write Place where we will teach you how to make your own zine! Youth will learn how to use typewriters, make papers, create linoleum block print illustrations, bind books in many different ways and many more book arts techniques to make their zine for themselves or to share!. Zines are replicable and youth can choose to make up to 20 zines. We provide the materials.

Sign up for the Youth workshops or stay tuned for the 18+ zine workshops. Be on the lookout for an upcoming festival where workshop attendees will showcase, trade, or sell their work!
Due to limited capacity, we are prioritizing underrepresented youth (QTPOC) who would not ordinarily be able to attend a summer workshop/camp.

If you are interested in participating please reserve your ticket below through our eventbrite


or email Tuleburg Press at tuleburgpress@gmail.com

These workshops are brought to you in part by the California Arts Council and the Stockton Arts Commission.

July 28 @ 10:00

10:00 am

– 12:00 pm