waldonwaldonblueTuleburg Press is proud to embark on our second book project, 55 and Counting, Poems by David Waldon. Please join us.

Waldon’s poems are compact, at 55 words a piece.

But they are nonetheless expansive, crackling with life, wit and wisdom.

For example:

One More Night

Ghosts of lost summers

Always touching, yet never touched

Specters on a guitar note

Kisses sweetened by root beer popsicles

Wildflowers beguiling through rolling hills

Ketchup at the corners of your mouth

Floating carefree down the Mokelumne

Top down in the moonlight

A star, our navigator

I wish I may … I wish I might

Have …

We’re working to publish about 200 of Waldon’s pieces and are asking the community’s support in raising the $5,000 we need to cover book design, art, printing and distribution.

Read more of Waldon’s story and consider a contribution here.

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